Do You Have the Oldest Orphan?

2016 Orphanage Booth 1128 at IEEE/PES T&D Show Dallas, Texas, May 2-5.
2016 Orphanage Booth 1128 at IEEE/PES T&D Show Dallas, Texas, May 2-5.

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Greetings IEEE/PES Dallas Show Visitor!

We’re gratified you visited us today! Clearly, retired assets serve training and public sector energy education needs while preserving our pioneering T&D historical heritage because:

• Re-cycled assets teach school-age youth science, mathematics, economics, law and public policy through public and equipment donor-acknowledged historical resource programs;
• Re-invest in your linemen, technicians’ and utility employees’ utility business comprehension;
• Re-educate your consumer regarding utility operations, capital expenditures, rate economics; and
• Re-invigorate corporate identity. Enhance your reputation by contributing to a continental education center where your good name will be acknowledged long into the future.

It’s a fact: museums attract more visitors annually than professional sports and entertainment combined! Yet, museums private and public, require on-going financial support. How do we meet this challenge?

Municipal electric superintendents, rural electric trainers and managers of modest-sized utilities ask, “May we train our personnel at TEONA’s many valuable resources?” For important, but smaller-sized utilities lacking training facilities, this question is paramount. With a goal of multiple de-energized historical substations, switchyards, a tower garden, and apparatus displays, training and public fees create museum income while resolving an urgent training need. Furthermore, we accentuate new technology by acquiring permanent static and mobile exhibits from current equipment vendors. We’re objective and non-partisan in promoting your Industry.

Railroads effectively champion their story through beneficially powerful public exposure such as:

• Historic depots, rehabilitated train stations publicly utilized for civic meeting halls and various exhibits;
• Dinner trains, antique steam locomotives, locomotive parks, abandoned rail lines to trail head conversions;
• Transportation museums, theatres, visitor centers, volunteerism centered around annual events; and
• Rail history advocacy groups, model railroads, publications advancing transportation policy.

How can we positively promote ourselves? Have an orphan? Support our efforts in locating a permanent site and donate equipment. When your children and grandchildren ask about what you do . . . how will you answer? Passionately, we want you to say, “I live electric Transmission & Distribution—my life’s accomplishment—and proud of it!”

Douglas G. Schema
Director & Curator