Equipment Catalogs For Telephony

Equipment Catalogs of the Open Wire Era

When I was very young, this old catalog was given as a gift to me.  In the midst of cleaning my parents home after their deaths, I came across this item well hidden from damage.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall the donor’s name, but much appreciate the gift.  I think you will too.  It is being published here for the first time in 2016.  This was the first Western Electric Catalog I know to be published on their equipment lines.  The date: 1880.

I think you will heartily enjoy leafing through it.  It is yellowed with age, but is largely undamaged and the line illustrations are fascinating works of art!  From time to time, we will add some other vendor’s  catalogs as they become available to us.  

Sadly, in this particular WE first publication, there are very few sale articles pertaining to open wire application, however, the instruments, sets and paraphernalia are noteworthy in and of themselves.  Some great and unusual business-type instruments for commercial houses.

WE1880Cat3WE1880Cat4WE1880Cat5WE1880Cat6WE1880Cat7WE1880CatPage7WE1880Cat9WE1880Cat10WE1880Cat11WE1880Cat12WE1880Cat13WE1880Cat14WE1880Cat15WE1880Cat16WE1880Cat17WE1880Cat18WE1880Cat19WE1880Cat20WE1880Cat21WE1880Cat22WE1880Cat23WE1880Cat24WE1880Cat25EndGraybar Electric Catalog 1928 – Open Wire Materials For Telephone

Here are a few pages from a 1928 catalog featuring poles, crossarms and a variety of other accessories for the well dressed pole of the era.

Graybar Catalog Wood Poles SpecificationsGraybar Catalog Wood Crossarms Graybar Catalog Wood Crossarms - Continued Graybar Catalog Wood Crossarms - Continued 3 Graybar Catalog Wood Crossarms - Continued 4 Graybar Catalog Wood Brackets, Pole Steps and Cobs Graybar Catalog Wood Pins Specifications

Graybar Catalog Wood Crossarms - Continued 3Graybar Catalog Wood Crossarms - Continued 4