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“Snow Job” by D. G. Schema

The Lineman

Solomon Contest with The Lineman print 2015This is an excerpt from a 2015 page of the Solomon Corporation Employee Newsletter, “The Line.”  At top, several prints of “The Lineman” by D. G. Schema, were framed and presented to contest winners.  We understand the recipients were thrilled to receive them!  Page courtesy Solomon Corporation.

When Boulder Power Came to Los Angeles

This commemorative, limited-edition print, was created on the event of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s golden jubilee of the Hoover Dam to Los Angeles 287-kV EHV Transmission System in 1986.  That year also marked the centennial of the first commercial application of alternating current transmission technology.  The print was bestowed on individuals celebrating the achievement in 1986.

We have two versions available.  B&W on white glossy paper.  Brown sepia tone graphic on light tan paper with articulated paper surface. Both prints have a 1″ margin.

Possum Kingdom Dam Switchyard Scan Size

Tri-County 100th Scanning Size

This print was commissioned by Tri-County Telephone Company, Council Grove, Kansas in 2006.  It commemorates the 50th year of Tri-County Telephone.  The print is presented (custom-framed) to departing Board Members and employees of the Cooperative.


Southwestern Public Service Company of Amarillo, Texas (now part of Xcel Energy, Inc.) was well known for its substation and switchyard engineering acumen.  This particular substation at Stratford, Texas, just to the roadside of the town’s south side at U. S. 287, is a great example of SWPS work.  The sub was originally built in the 1950s.  The incoming lines feeding the station were built for 69.5-kV, but the actual voltage delivered was 34.5-kV and remain this level to this day.  The outgoing feeders are 12.47Y/7.2-kV and serve the town of Stratford.   The drawing was excessively complicated to do. The result over a four month period of preparation was a 30″ x 40″ original you see here reduced for inclusion into this website.   These arrive rolled in tubes on archival paper resistant to long storage.