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Commissioned Artwork Offered By The Electric Orphanage of North America, Inc. by D. G. Schema

Your message comes alive with a commanding, creative and dynamic message!

This artist will accept commissions to create projects for your company, your cooperative or municipality on request.  Contact D. G. Schema at “Contact Us” Chapter on this Website.

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As a versatile topical artist, D. G. Schema originated this large and detailed pencil drawing, entitled: “Prime Time II: These Kansas City Times.” This work was done for the Kansas City, Missouri Mayor’s Office. Kansas City Museum of Regional History.

The Lineman

“The Lineman” by Douglas G. Schema (above, 24″ x 30″).

Solomon Contest with The Lineman print 2015

“The Line,” an employee newsletter of Solomon Corporation, wrote of the recent winners of their contest whereby each was presented with “The Lineman” as a gift.  For those in the utility industry, nothing says “Thank You!” as a professionally commissioned graphic illustration by D. G. Schema.  Framed and presented, these make formal ceremonies, as promotions, retirements and special awards very special to participants.  Contact us for details.

SWPublic Svc. Stratford Sub Scanning Size

“Southwestern Public Service Company, 34.5-kV/12.47-kV Substation, Stratford, Texas” by Douglas G. Schema (25″ x 30″).

Possum Kingdom Dam Switchyard Scan Size

“Morris Sheppard Possum Kingdom Dam Switchyard, 1941″ by Douglas G. Schema (25″x30”)

When Boulder Power Came to Los Angeles

 “When Boulder Power Came To Los Angeles: 50th Anniversary of the World’s First EHV Transmission System; 100 Years of Commercial Alternating Current Technology” by Douglas G. Schema, 1986 (Original: 6′ x 4′; reproduced 60″x 40″ print).

This artwork, commissioned on the Golden Jubilee of the Tri-County Telephone Association in 2006, by artist Doug G. Schema, is presented to retiring Board Members, employees and visiting dignitaries, to the Company located in east central Kansas. 

Want your corporate message to be heard persuasively? Commissioned artwork builds drama and grabs your audience’s attention persuasively.  This example print below was commissioned by Tri-County Telephone Company, a leading Independent organization in Kansas.

 Tri-County 100th Scanning Size
100 Years of Council Grove and Tri-County Telephone Service commemorative drawing signed by the artist.

Decorating your office or home is easy with these stunning photos or drawings!

“The First Experimental Telegraph Line, 1843” as it appears in Alan Drew’s book, “The American Lineman, 2015.”

“Samuel F. B. Morse & His First Experimental Telegraph Line, 1843.” Be looking for forthcoming book availability information shortly.

Alan Drew’s breathtaking book on The American Lineman has gone into its 2nd printing.  A national book on the history of lineworkers illustrated by D. G. Schema.

Book and Albums
Author Alan Drew, 2015.

Samuel F. B. Morse might be credited with the first use of buried and underground communications as he undertook to use Congressional expense to build an experimental telegraph between Washington, D. C. and Baltimore, Maryland in the early 1840s.  However, he is most likely praised for his demonstration of a successful telegraph using the open wire scheme as illustrated in this highly detailed and broadly symbolic montage above.

This drawing was composed by D. G. Schema in pen and ink portraying Morse, Vail and other significant contributors to the first telegraph line’s success.  It will be featured in a forthcoming national publication on the history of linemen published by Northwest Lineman College next year.   Those of you aspiring to have a copy of this image, we will publish information on how you may purchase a copy of the book authored by professional engineer and Northwest Lineman College Vice President Alan Drew when information becomes available to this site.

 Alan Drew Holding His Book

Pictured are Millard Fillmore, U. S. Senator from New York, who backed many new ideas of his time and advocated Morse’s instrument and the congressional demonstration of this momentous invention.  The head of the U. S. Patent Office, who personally testified before Congressional Committee of the Telegraph’s potential, the first communications “splicer,” a portrait of the many unsung workers who were the heroes of this project, Morse’s business partner, Vail, who put later financing behind the commercial beginnings of this effort, a view of an early insulator used on lines of this period, the rope ladders which supported the first linemen of their era, and numerous significant details of this famous event populate this breathtaking montage. 

Please visit the link below to access other available topical open wire telecommunications photography.  Imagekind offers a variety of various formats, canvas, non-articulated surfaces, as well as matting and framing suggestions to improve your experience of viewing this artwork.

Artwork sales serve to maintain the costs associated with maintaining this website, promoting the historic preservation of open wire plant materials, travel and associated expenses to do this, so that others may appreciate this outstanding technology.

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